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Jeffrey and Lara Serbin, registered architects and Co-founders of Sam Harvey, have always loved the planning required for public and private building projects.  Today the Serbin's draw from their architectural heritage to design personal fashion on a global scale by creating a story through color, design and inspiration. 

They are passionate about the details, designing handbags with quality materials, unique color combinations and durability.  For the Serbin's, freedom is about being able to pursue their never ending innovations and dreams.


SAM, born in 1884, was not only Lara's maternal great grandfather but a sheriff in a county in North Carolina, later became a farmer and eventually retired as a postal worker.  He was raised a Baptist and had no known health problems.  There are stories of him sitting on his porch, shelling the peanuts and black-eyed peas he had grown.  Also, he chewed tobacco and kept spittoons in the living room.  He was married to Minnie Novella Lewter who died giving birth to Minnie Luke 

HARVEY, a Canadian, became a U.S. Citizen in 1946.  harvey, his wife Racille and their children, Robert (Lara's Dad), Greg and Rita lived in the suburban area known as Culver City, near the sprawling MGM Studios which fascinated the family on Sunday drives. HARVEY'S first job was that of a meat cutter and he worked for King Cole Markets.  He began his career as a butcher that would last six years until he began pioneering barbeque concessions in major supermarkets, specializing in chicken and ribs. HARVEY had a unique friendly manner and a knack for publicity.

SAM HARVEY stands for vintage style with a modern edge, traveling to new places, hiking the Grand Canyon rim to rim in a day, playing the net in tennis, putting it all out there, following your dreams, and going on a jeep trip for a year around the world and having style while you are doing it.

The products are of high quality, timeless design and durability.  All SAM HARVEY products are made in Arizona by a team of expertise sewers.

Lara Serbin